Starting now and working backwards, the length of time you have been insured in Canada without any gaps of coverage of any more than two months at a time.

Example 1 - Mr. Smith has been insured with ABC INSURANCE for the past 2 full years.  Immediately prior to that, one year with 123 INSURANCE, then a seven month lapse because Mr. Smith never owned a vehicle.  Prior to that Mr. Smith had six more years insurance with XYZ INSURANCE.  Mr. Smith will qualify for three years CONTINUOUS INSURANCE.

Example 2 - Mrs. Jones has not had any insurance for the past month.  Immediately prior to that, she was insured with 789 INSURANCE for 9 straight years.  Mrs. Jones would qualify for nine years CONTINUOUS INSURANCE.

Example 3 - Jim Smith Jr. has had his own policy with 123 INSURANCE for the past two years.  Immediately prior to that, he was listed on his Mom and Dad's policy as an occasional driver for three years.  Jim smith Jr. will qualify for five years CONTINUOUS INSURANCE.